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Starvin' Marvin, Greater Kailash (GK) - 1, New Delhi || Catering


It's time to bring the mothership!

It's time that you direct your efforts to the mother ship! Hit us up to cater your next business or social event. Our entire menu is available to you and we can explore customizations as well.
From a fleet of delicious space bites to luscious desserts straight from the milky-way, your event will be out of the Earth! Once you have a list of your celestial beings and have selected your menu, we'll ensure it reaches you hot and fresh. If you prefer to use your own shuttle, we'll have your order ready for you at the mother ship. Or, better yet, our professional catering staff will beam down and set up for your event, serve the Earthlings, and clean up when it's all over.


Party packages

Do you an amazing party planned for one of your loved ones? Call us or leave a message below with your details for a great service and scrumptious food to be available at your event. You can choose for our exciting menu or order for customized items and our team will start working on it right away!

  • 45, Aghapur, Sector 41, Noida